About LPC

World class lightning protection solutions through engineering know how

Lightning Protection Concepts provides a full range of lightning protection solutions which have been developed by our founder Trevor Manas, who has over 20 years of experience. Trevor`s experience, insight and in-depth knowledge as well as his ability to stay abreast of the latest developments in the earthing and lightning protection industry has helped him to develop his reputation as a lightning protection guru. His work in establishing new lightning protection principles and their associated technologies into South Africa has been a milestone in Trevor`s career.

LPC offers all of the planning, design, training, components and certification that are required to successfully fully implement an installation. We closely co-operate with our clients to ensure full compliance with all of the local and national standards.

Our services include
  • As-built data collection, project meetings, site surveys (incl. soil resistivity surveys)
  • LPS Risk Assessments
  • Planning of the earthing and lightning protection concept
  • Designs including detailed engineering, installation details and 3D/2D drawings
  • Calculation and 3D simulation of the earth termination system
  • Specifications
  • Assessment of material costs
  • Bill of Materials

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